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The origin of Terra Argillosa is deep-rooted in sharecropping, amidst the small farming communities of the early Nineteenth century which represent the traditional economy of the Marche region.
Our project evolves constantly: we intend to make good wine, but also recreate a close and intimate social context connected to the tradition of our territory and to living a quiet life.

Our winery is located in a tiny valley among the rolling hills. The soil is compact, rich and mainly composed of clay. The breeze coming from the Adriatic sea gently blows over the vineyard. It is a marvellous place, where you can easily abandon yourself to the rhythm of nature. The vine growing methods we use are spurred cordon and guyot, according to the type of vineyard.

We follow the rhythm and the season of nature, we are constantly learning from it. It is a constant, harsh but also cheerful challenge. Organic farming is a daily growth path aimed at fighting consumerism, respecting nature, and improving the quality of life. Our commitment is to promote our terroir with local and international grape varieties, by adding our personal and original point of view. We want to tell you about our experience in our land.

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My story is the typical tale of returning to the countryside, which is becoming more and more popular in the last few years, especially in the Marche. My passion for farming was born during the childhood summers I used to spend with my grandparents, among olive trees and vineyards, chickens, millstones and rabbits.
After graduating and working as a journalist, I finally plucked up the courage to return to my roots, abandon my desk and grab the farm tools. I don’t strive for a farming revolution, but I wish I could slow down the frenetic day’s pace, get inspired by the nature and share the beauty of this land, its rural tradition and the cultural heritage of my ancestors.



The university degree I got might say I am an architect, but my heart says that working both with the colours of the hills and the pixel on my computer is what makes me feel alive. Guided by love,
but especially by my story and nature, I followed my heart and I set my home, family and job up among the Ciafone hills. I haven’t really returned to the countryside, as my work involves both technological devices and traditional tools. I love seeking the little things in life that make me happy. I juggle tasks that I can partially manage, but I do it with extreme care and attention because I know that all I have does not belong to me, but to my future, the future of my family and of other people.

Vignaioli Indipendenti


Il vignaiolo si prende cura in prima persona della vigna, della cantina e della vendita.
Il vino del vignaiolo è vivo, dona piacere, è figlio del suo territorio e del suo pensiero. Espressione autentica di una cultura.
Il vignaiolo considera il consumatore un co-produttore.
Il vignaiolo custodisce e modella il paesaggio nel rispetto della biodiversità e della cultura del proprio territorio, che racconta e arricchisce.
Il vignaiolo come agricoltore si assume la responsabilità di preservare e migliorare la fertilità del suolo e l’equilibrio degli ecosistemi.
Il vignaiolo si impegna a rinunciare all’utilizzo di molecole e organismi artificiali e di sintesi con l’obiettivo di tutelare il vivente.
Il vignaiolo governa il limite in tutti i suoi impegni ricercando l’ottimo, mai il massimo.
Il vignaiolo si assume la responsabilità della propria attività nel rispetto dell’ambiente, della salute del consumatore e dei destini della propria comunità e della terra.
Il vignaiolo si impegna a creare e alimentare relazioni con altri vignaioli, agricoltori, produttori di cibo, cuochi, università e istituti di ricerca, educatori e cittadini nella propria comunità e nel mondo.
Il vignaiolo pratica la trasparenza: dice quello che fa e fa quello che dice.


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